Why should you conduct dairy market research & consulting?

Use industry experts to uncover business opportunities, provide global or regional outlooks and deliver dairy market analysis specific to a particular business opportunity, country, product, ingredient application or channel, says Richard Field.

Most dairy companies and industry organisations conduct market research and consulting projects particularly with a focus on developing new business.  Often, they need a better understanding of their target audience, wider market conditions and the effect these have upon the competitive environment, or are looking to evaluate their marketing activities and determine future marketing direction.

Opportunities and wider dairy trends

Perhaps you are a dairy manufacturer looking to size up an opportunity within a particular sector. This might involve undertaking studies to evaluate competitors, or to assess wider dairy trends and find out how these are being influenced by the current political and socio-economic outlook for a specific region.

It could be that you want to take a closer look at opportunities for whey and milk proteins and fractions as you investigate the market for protein-enriched innovations within food, beverage and nutritionals applications. Or perhaps you wish to examine the potential for a niche-positioned cheese in foodservice channels and speciality retail.

The influence of technology on dairy

Maybe you are looking at how technology may influence a category across a major market like the US or China, or for a comparative analysis of industry structures across world regions. To do that you'll need a dairy industry consultancy whose expertise extends through the entire dairy value chain of production, processing and distribution, with worldwide experience and a dedication to providing confidential support and honest appraisals of topics.  Above all it should be able to combine strong industry and market understanding with cross-category awareness and qualitative and quantitative market research skills when required.

What specific questions are you looking to address?

When we speak to businesses and associations, many normally have a specific question, issue or topic that they want to address and need new insight and timely critical analysis upon. It may be that they believe they may have spotted new and developing dairy trends, but need some hard data, facts and analysis to back up that up. Insightful research can help to provide you with deeper understanding, enabling you to unlock new value in key market areas, drive sales and rationalise and qualify decision-making, thereby reducing the risks of strategic errors or missed opportunities.

Key scenarios for dairy market research

Let’s consider some scenarios under which you might wish to conduct dairy market research & consulting

Are you a processor, supplier or buyer wishing to explore future supply and demand trends? 

Perhaps you are an industry organisation wanting to take a closer look at how your country’s dairy suppliers are meeting demands from international customers? Or a multinational operator looking to sharpen its marketing? If so, you may wish to carry out a dairy industry customer perception study providing insight into what your customers really think.

Maybe you're an exporter looking to build route-to-market relationships in a new country or channel? Or perhaps interested in the impact of developing trade agreements upon dairy trade during the next few years and need a dairy market outlook?

Whether you’re looking at how to add value to your ingredient product mix, understand your customers’ needs, assess optimal supply chain partners, position a niche dairy product or identify acquisition targets or strategic partners, applied thinking and expert market research and consultancy based on global dairy sector knowhow can get you there.

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Our team began examining dairy markets around Asia, the Middle East and Africa in the early 1990s ­­— when others remained focused on Europe and North America  and continues to consult globally on the dairy sector. For more information or to discuss your research requirements contact our team today.