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Orrani Consulting has over two decades of experience working in the dairy sector. We offer unrivalled international project experience across the entire dairy supply chain.

Our dairy consulting and dairy market research activities have been built up since the early 1990s through a global network of specialist consultants working in the sector, predominantly in senior commercial and development roles.

Expert dairy consultants

Known worldwide for our work in the dairy industry, this has also led us to have a strong focus on key application sectors such as specialist nutritional formula and competing ingredient categories such as vegetable proteins, and notably soy.

Customers on dairy assignments comprise dairy processors, traders, industry organisations, multinationals for which dairy procurement is a strategic function, suppliers of plant and inputs and finally, investors in the dairy sector.

Within the dairy industry, we carry out strategic studies, implement practical projects, forecast trends and assess their impact. Typically, we focus on:

  • Dairy industry acquisition and partnering opportunities
  • Dairy commodity trade
  • Dairy supply chain, procurement and competitive issues
  • Marketing and business development issues for dairy products and ingredients
  • Dairy technology, economics and policy

The dairy market has been characterised by the growing importance, complexity and diversity of dairy ingredients. Over the years we have also seen the breakdown of the traditional food/feed split as applications along the food/supplement/pharmaceutical spectrum have given rise to products billed as cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals.

Key dairy market contacts

We have long recognised that the world dairy sector is not simply “global” but increasingly interconnected. Central to many of our projects on dairy is our experience in working at a detailed level across all continents, Europe as well as Asia, Africa as well as Latin America, Australasia as well as Russia/CIS and so on. For an overview the projects we have completed, see Orrani Worldwide.

As a client you will benefit from our rare capacity to appreciate multiple international aspects to issues and to avoid “reinventing the wheel” – in many projects we are updating a previous assessment of a market or business situation which makes for a cost-effective and yet value-added approach!

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"Orrani Consulting has a real understanding of the global dairy industry; they roll their sleeves up and get out there in the market to find the real insights that make the difference. This means they really try to understand what we are looking for. I read Orrani's reports from cover to cover and I can't say that about all reports."

Fraser Tooley, Growth Initiatives Director, FrieslandCampina Domo