Will downgraded economic growth forecasts affect dairy consumption?

New edition of Dairy Products China News featuring: Greenfields' Three New Chinese Dairy Partners, 2021 dairy imports, Yili’s record performance, and raw milk supply price analysis in H1

With the pandemic having changed how consumers view health and wellness, organic dairy products feature prominently in the thinking for some European dairy exporters, writes Richard Field, editor of Dairy Products China News.

Yet, Shengmu’s organic raw milk sales fell by almost 40% in the first half of this year, even though it was still achieving a premium of a little over 17% compared with its standard raw milk. 

That figure is ‘significantly less’ than in Europe where a good deal of “wastage” takes place when organic milk is sold into regular milk applications. Therefore, it would be useful to ascertain just how much of this reaches organic end applications in China which offers opportunities for imported organic dairy products and ingredients in principal.

Exclusive Chinese dairy market analysis in this issue:

  • Greenfields' Three New Chinese Dairy Partners
  • Dairy Imports in Jan.-Aug., 2021
  • China's Large-Scale Dairy Farms Show Strong Improvement in 2020
  • TMR feeding and milking centres are prevalent
  • Changes in Draft of Detailed Rules for the Review of IMF Production Licensing
  • Yili Achieves Record Performance
  • Mengniu Achieves Double-digit Growth
  • Bright Dairy: Revenue Rises but Profit Declines
  • Kedi Dairy charged with overstating revenue of USD 130.4 million
  • Financial Performance in H1, 2021: Sanyuan Foods vs. New Hope Dairy
  • Raw Milk Supply: Price Analysis in H1 2021
  • News in Brief: Dairy Imports in August 2021

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