Why reinvent the wheel?

Orrani Consulting’s extensive diary market knowledge can help dairy exporters who are serious about business development in the world’s emerging dairy markets.

Orrani Consulting’s extensive dairy market knowledge can help dairy exporters who are serious about business development in the world’s emerging dairy markets

Unique is a strong word, greatly overused and often misused by marketers. Yet some recent projects for dairy exporters reminded me of a phenomenon we see repeatedly – businesses "reinventing the wheel". In particular, I was reminded why we feel we truly are, well, unique!

  • A client was considering an export opportunity in a complex, specialised and increasingly sophisticated overseas market. They had in-market resources but needed greater insights than their contacts could provide
  • Another was seeking route-to-market partners around Asia for its products
  • A third client needed a quick fix on supply chain structures in Japan
  • Another client was keen to accelerate exports to markets around Africa and the GCC
  • Another was looking for distributors in Shanghai and Beijing

Sometimes reinventing things makes a lot of sense – nothing's perfect, and going back to the drawing board can lead to refinements and improvements after all. However, it often also leads to those enemies of effective performance -inefficiency and cost!

Experience matters

Fortunately, in each of these cases we were able to help. We had extensive information and local contacts to hand, built up from working continuously on dairy markets in these regions over the last 20+ years with contacts offering deep local understanding and networks.

This allowed us to help our customers achieve rapid market entries – at a fraction of the cost and time they would have otherwise faced – and ensured they didn't miss key points.

We deliver results

If you're a dairy exporter serious about business development in the world's growth dairy markets, just get in touch and we can help you, often with brief inputs of just a few days. There are some wheels that just don't need "reinventing".

We don't just specialise in a developed market and treat the emerging regions as add-ons – for us they're our core business. That reminds me why our experience truly does make us unique!