Virtual Thanksgiving and price drops as US embraces change

As Covid-19 forces Americans to celebrate Thanksgiving virtually, consumers are exploring new options for their plate.

In a week where President Trump pardoned more than just the turkey, people across America are celebrating Thanksgiving in what continues to be the strangest of years.

While a study from Asurion Home+ revealed that nearly three quarters of Americans would celebrate their holidays virtually, with 93% of those citing Covid-19 as a factor, some 50m were still expected to travel, according to AAA Travel.

Yet, even though more than 6m Americans have flown from US airports since last Friday, the price of ingredients in a traditional turkey dinner for 10 people has dropped to its lowest level in a decade, says the American Farm Bureau Federation.

Its 35th annual survey suggests the average cost of this year’s Thanksgiving meal for ten remains within budget at $46.90 or less than $5.00 per person, a $2.01 decrease on the last.

Bloomberg reports that the 7% fall in price for a 16-pound bird comes as retailers sell a ‘greater variety’ of food to cater for consumers making new choices in an unprecedented year.

For some, this meant having Tofurky, a blend of tofu and wheat with a wild rice and breadcrumb stuffing that was once the butt of jokes for Marge and Homer Simpson.

Interestingly, a trend toward meatless meals has driven the market for fresh alternative proteins up by 75% this year, says Nielsen.

Furthermore, that boom has given Tofurky a boost, lifting sales by 32% this year to make this its best Thanksgiving in the past three, explains Chloe Sorvino for Forbes.

With travel discouraged one new trend we were expected to see this year is takeout turkey. Across the US restaurants were taking pre-orders the week before Thanksgiving, with people quite understandably opting for simplicity and food cooked by a professional chef over preparing meals for just two or perhaps three.

Whatever you choose to do, stay safe. Happy Thanksgiving!