State Statistics, Shifting Sands, Tariffs and the China International Import Expo.

The latest edition of Dairy Products China News features: DAC’s 3-year plan, news from the CIIE, analysis of the RCEP and ‘explosive sales growth’ for Milkground.

‘Cause and effect in marketing are notoriously hard to correlate. Effective marketing requires effective measurement – which in turn requires effective quantification,’ writes Richard Field in this month’s edition of Dairy Products China News. ‘Unfortunately, these are major tasks and in few places is the challenge more daunting than in China.’

This month’s issue features exclusive analysis of the Dairy Association of China (DAC)'s 3-Year Plan for D20, with the top five enterprises outlining their aims on raising farm productivity and quality. 

There’s also a focus on the 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai where leading dairy enterprises – including Nestlé, Danone, Yili, Mengniu and Fonterra – exhibited new products and innovative technologies in a venue of nearly 10,000 m2, significantly larger than that in previous years. COVID-19 has seen audiences gravitating towards health and nutrition and the potential benefits of dairy.  

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