Dairy industry experts from Orrani Consulting to present at events in Germany and Shanghai

Predicted market trends and demand patterns the focus in Germany, as those in Shanghai tackle food safety in dairy.

On the 25 June, Annette will be presenting at the International Conference for Drying and Separation Techniques for Milk and Whey (Internationale Konferenz Trenn + Trocknungstechnik für Milch und Molke) in Kempten, Germany.

This event brings together participants from the German dairy industry - while the main focus of the conference is on scientific / technical developments, the topic of export market development is an important issue for manufacturers of dry dairy ingredients. 

Annette has been asked to give a presentation on predicted market trends and demand patterns in Asia, North Africa and Latin America, with a particular focus on China.

Meanwhile on the same date, Richard Field will be attending the US-China roundtable conference in Shanghai. He will be presenting work on the Chinese Government's moves to enhance the country's approach to food safety, with particular focus on the local dairy sector.

Busy times ahead for Orrani Consulting!