Organic Dairy in Europe: market outlook and trends report 2021-2025

Aimed at dairy processors, dairy buyers and dairy sector investors, this report provides a unique examination of organic dairy in Europe forming an invaluable tool for those in strategic planning and commercial decision-making.

Organics have come up periodically in our dairy sector projects since the 1990s, and for many industry players did not convince at first. However, after a stop-start trajectory over some time, organic dairy products and ingredients are now becoming increasingly important in the dairy industry, as the focus of many end-users and consumers on issues such as traceability, environmental sustainability, clean label and health and nutrition has grown.

This year Greenmark Dairy and Orrani Consulting have teamed up to produce a concise assessment of the current situation in the European industry in respect of organic dairy products and ingredients.

The report will be based on desk research in a range of sources as well as interviews with key market players, experts and professional organisations. As  such it will be invaluable for those involved in strategic planning and commercial decision-making at dairy processors, buyers and investors, providing an insightful evaluation to build knowledge and accelerate informed strategic and commercial decision-making.

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Executive Summary


EU Production Quantification & Trends



  • Regular Milk vs Organic Milk
  • Regular Whey vs. Organic Whey


  • CAGR’s – Organic Milk vs. Regular Milk
  • CAGR’s – Organic Whey vs. regular Whey


  • Organic Milk availability Europe (EU27 + UK + Switzerland) and by country
  • Organic Whey availability Europe (EU27 + UK + Switzerland) and by country


Processed Organic Dairy Production Volumes

  • Drinking milk
  • Yoghurt
  • Cheese
  • SMP
  • WMP
  • Casein, caseinate, MPCs/MPIs
  • Lactose
  • WPC’s
  • WPI
  • Demineralised whey – 40, 60, 70 & 90
  • Whey Permeate Powder
  • Sweet Whey Powder
  • Acid Whey Powder
  • Infant Formula


Pricing Analysis

  • Raw Milk
  • Drinking Milk
  • SMP, WMP, Whey, Lactose, WPC’s
  • Cheese pricing strategies  


Main Producers

  • By volume of the market
  • By individual products


Selection of Key Player Profiles



Outlook 2021 -2025

  • SWOT analysis
  • Trends & perspectives: key dynamics and constraints
  • Production forecast

Report Availability: End September

Report Format: Word/PDF estimated 60 – 70 pages with graphics

Report Price: €4,500 (€4,000 for orders received by June 15, 2021) – 50% on commencement in early July, 50% on delivery

Report Objective: To provide a reliable and insightful updated understanding of this industry sector given the recent resurgence of interest in the topic amongst consumers and processors

Report Beneficiaries: Dairy Processors, Dairy Buyers, Dairy Sector Investors

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