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The latest edition of Dairy Products China News has landed, featuring: revised dairy food standards; analysis on H1 results for Yili and Mengniu; prospects for Inner Mongolia; raw milk trends and dairy import data.

This month’s issue of Dairy Products China News reveals the increasingly strong performance of China’s dairy industry and looks at company results which reflect trends seen during H1, ‘where Q1 setbacks were generally offset by strong Q2 figures’.

While the pandemic has proved challenging, foodservice remains promising and digitalisation has been stimulated as a result. We’ve seen a marked shift towards restaurant marketplaces, fully-integrated virtual restaurants, super apps, cloud kitchens and meal-kit delivery services.

As Richard Field explains, “Sharing costs has made sense for many operators, and this has fitted with the ever more central role played by handheld and even wearable digital devices in the lives of many consumers. This year’s need to avoid contact with other people has been a notable catalyst, of course. I suspect not all of these operating formats will prove viable in all markets, but if you’re selling dairy products into China’s foodservice marketplace you should clearly be exploring what these trends will mean for your business.”

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