Export Eyes on China as Exporters Search for Answers Within Local milk Production

New edition of Dairy Products China News featuring: New dairy cattle imports, progress on powder plants and New Control Measures for IMF Manufacturers

Official statistics reveal that China’s milk production continued to increase through 2021, showing growth in every quarter in comparison to the previous year. This trend has been fuelled by very strong milk prices locally and has continued during 2022, when the seasonal drop-off in Q1 was also slightly less than in 2021, -34% as against -36% in Q1 2021. 

Future consolidation at producer level and on larger farms are certainties, writes Richard Field in this month’s edition of Dairy Products China News. The only question is at what rate this will occur? Undoubtedly the higher input costs this year will act as a catalyst in this process. This seems a fair and “directionally correct” assessment although we should bear in mind that all such numbers in all countries are questionable.

Exclusive Chinese dairy market analysis in this issue:

  • New Dairy Cattle Imports by TopGene International, Be Green and China Hengrui
  • Secondary Goat Milk IMF Registration Situation in June
  • Progress by Yashili and Feihe Qiqihar on New Powder Plants
  • China Issues Programme for Improving County-level Dairy Industrial Productivity
  • Shanghai Implements New Control Measures for IMF Manufacturers
  • 1st General Standard for Probiotics for Food Use and Grading Specification for Probiotic Viability Rate in Probiotic Foods/Beverages
  • Update on Yili Dairy Farm Construction Projects
  • Bright Dairy to Invest in New Dairy Farm Centre
  • Yeeper Dairy Commissions Goat Milk Formulae Plant
  • June Milk Price Remains Stable
  • News in Brief: Dairy Imports in May 2022