End of the Chinese Eldorado for IMF as Opportunities Beckon Elsewhere

New edition of Dairy Products China News featuring: Kingdomway and Xiangpiaopiao partner to build LEAN BODY nutritionals business, signs of recovery China Bakery Market Insights and Trends and further regulation for the Goat IMF market

In this issue we find more evidence on how China’s place in the world dairy market continues to evolve, offering up opportunities around specific segments such as goat milk IMF as exporters begin to focus their crosshairs on increasing future demand in areas like bakery and sports nutrition — two we take a look at. 

Rising food prices also reflect a food service market operating under pressure and dips in cheese import volumes suggest that growth shouldn’t be taken for granted, even if numbers suggest future demand for cheese and dairy will continue to grow.

To do so dairy will have to contend with other alternatives more and more in the foodservice channel, which has been so key to the escalation of import demand for products like cheese, butter and whipping cream, writes Richard Field, editor, Dairy Products China News.

Exclusive Chinese dairy market analysis in this issue:

  • Kingdomway and Xiangpiaopiao Partner to Target Nutritionals in China
  • China Bakery Market Insights and Trends 2021
  • China Further Regulates Goat IMF Market 
  • CFSA Solicits Opinions on Lists of Bacterial Cultures for Foods and Infant Foods
  • New Dairy Farm Projects of Inner Mongolia Xingran and Weifang Youran
  • New Dairy Products at 4th CIIE
  • Sanyuan Foods Bids for 46.37% of Sunlon Livestock
  • Zhuangyuan Pasture Launches Financial Report Q1-Q3
  • Milkground Food: Latest Profits Up 171% 
  • Raw Milk Supply: Slow Rise in Milk Prices
  • News in Brief: Dairy Imports in October 2021

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