Retail Cheese Purchasing and Consumption in China

This comprehensive report provides deep insight into Chinese consumers’ purchasing and consumption of retail cheese, as well as exploring their attitudes to countries of origin and brands and likely future changes in habits.


What does the future hold for retail cheese in China? How do Chinese consumers purchase, consume and feel about cheese? How do they view the key brands and countries of origin? 

This study has involved an extensive online consumer survey, focusing on the key consumption centres of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou – a weighted analysis across a combined total of 1,235 responses by Chinese retail cheese purchasers.

In addition to summarising the data with tables and charts, the data was also analysed by applying more advanced statistical methods including manual cluster analysis, Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) and Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering (AHC).

A collaborative approach

Orrani Consulting has been working in China since the mid-1980s and regularly works locally with a range of partners on consulting and market research projects, primarily on the dairy sector.  Aside from bespoke customer projects, with our partner CCM we also publish Dairy Products China News, the detailed monthly newsletter covering events in the local dairy market.

For this project, Orrani Consulting has partnered with Daxue Consulting, a market research and management consulting firm focused on the Chinese market, where it provides a wide range of data collection services, including panel research. Daxue’s project responsibilities included questionnaire testing and administration, data collection and data validation.  Orrani Consulting’s project responsibilities included project conception and questionnaire design, quantitative analysis and production.

Based on discussions with customers, the research covered a comprehensive range of issues ranging from purchase behaviour and consumption dynamics through to brands and marketing communications. 

The final report focuses on sales and marketing levers available to cheese marketers:

  • Location analysis
  • Demographic targeting
  • Varietal segmentation
  • Marketing responsiveness  

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