AirAsia swaps inflight for ‘bricks-and-mortar’

Firm opens fast-food restaurant featuring its signature in-flight dishes

We’ve all heard the jokes about airline food haven’t we? Over the years, tales of bland microwaved meals at 37,000 feet have become rife and when it comes to our holiday travels ’tasty’ and ‘delicious’ are hardly synonymous with meals served on plane. In fact, you might say that some airlines have carved out a reputation for serving up some absolute disasters in the past.

“What’s the deal with airline food?” quipped Jerry Seinfeld.

Well, it appears one airline has bucked the trend and if you’ve ever flown with them, you might know who we’re talking about.

Apparently AirAsia’s inflight offerings are so tasty that people have been actively seeking them out when they’re not even airborne. And that has prompted the rather unusual move of the airline opening its first Santan ‘bricks-and-mortar’ restaurant and T&CO Cafe inside a mall in Kuala Lumpur with an entire menu - you've guessed it - based on what’s served during flights.

But if you’re not flying AirAsia or passing through Kuala Lumpur anytime soon, then according to the the boffins at DietDetective and the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center, Alaska Airlines and Air Canada are your best bet when travelling. Both tied for first place in the 2019-2020 Airline Food Study which marked them out for offering the healthiest foods in the sky.