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Annette Brune

"Annette has worked in food and agribusiness sector consultancy for more than 17 years, focusing on strategic market research, programme evaluation and consulting in international markets."

Annette, a native German, has been based in the UK for nearly 23 years. Over the past 17 years, she has been working on projects all over the world for Orrani Consulting, with a particular focus on Latin America.

She has gained particularly in-depth experience in developing markets – often personally conducting fieldwork in so-called "hard" markets such as Haiti, Nicaragua, Libya and, most recently, Nigeria. 

Her geographic experience comprises Europe, North and Latin America, Asia and Africa. A fluent Spanish speaker, she has a particular affinity to Latin America, a region where she has worked extensively over the years on a multitude of different projects.

After joining the food sector consulting division at Landell Mills in the late 1990s, Annette took the business independent in 2003, re-branding it from IRIS Consulting to Orrani Consulting in 2008.

Since then, she has helped grow the company, continuing to explore different markets and sectors. More recently, she has been involved in a number of international programme evaluations for different industry organisations, an aspect of consulting work she particularly enjoys.

Over the years, Annette has presented at several international food industry conferences, in English, Spanish and German, the three languages that she speaks fluently.

Annette achieved an MA in European Business from the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol, UK.