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Customer Perception and Satisfaction Research

In dynamic international food ingredient and agribusiness markets, knowing what customers feel about your products and services is a core requirement

Our customer perception and satisfaction research can provide your business with reliable and accurate data to show how customers' perceive your services and products, particularly in relation to key competitors.

The customer perception and customer satisfaction study can help you understand:

  • How customers' perceive your products and services
  • Customers' purchasing needs – and how and why these are changing
  • How to benchmark your performance against competitors
  • The most effective ways to focus your sales and marketing strategy

Our market intelligence and market research in the food industry and agribusiness sectors is always comprehensive and fully up-to-date.

For an insight into how our research can help your business get results, take a look at this case study.

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"Orrani have delivered a number of high quality research projects covering the European and Russian dairy sectors. Their strong 'in-market' experience combined with an ability to clearly articulate and interpret developments have helped provide excellent outputs that are of direct benefit to our client companies. We would have no hesitation about recommending them to companies seeking to carry out research into the dairy sector."

International Marketing Analyst, Leading Food Industry Organisation