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Seafood and Aquaculture

With global demand for seafood increasing and levels of wild fish stocks declining, aquaculture's rapid growth of recent years is set to continue.

In many parts of the world the aquaculture sector is seeing highly efficient and large-scale production and processing operations, while in other parts the industry still consists largely of artisanal, low-intensity, small-scale operations. Both of those scenarios offer numerous opportunities for contingent industries, in particular:

  • Inputs into the aquaculture sector – especially feed

As live fish stocks are dwindling, this also affects the key aquaculture feed material of fishmeal, so the sector needs to utilise other sources of protein for farming different species of fish and shellfish.

This presents considerable opportunities for organisations in soy, grains and other industries to expand their business:

  • Investment in the aquaculture industry – commercialising the artisanal aquaculture sector and helping countries' aquaculture industries to grow and to become more efficient and profitable

Opportunities in aquaculture

As international demand for seafood continues to grow, there are real opportunities in a variety of geographical markets for investors to aid the development of a commercial, efficient and profitable aquaculture industry. This calls for informed aquaculture market intelligence and targeted strategic consultancy to identify and evaluate the best present and future opportunities and mitigate risks.

Through its long-standing cooperation with aquaculture and seafood specialist Nigel Peacock of NAP Fisheries, Orrani Consulting is ideally placed to help organisations explore, evaluate and take advantage of these opportunities in the growing aquaculture industry.

To discuss any potential areas of interest or to see how we can help your organisation, please contact us.