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Our extensive knowledge of the Chinese market has developed over three decades, ranging from the local farming sector through to processing and imported ingredients.

Depending on the nature of your business, China could be a key opportunity to grasp or a key competitor with which to engage.

Either way – and it can be both – getting to grips with the market can be overwhelming!

Orrani Consulting are hugely experienced in the Chinese market; we have conducted a wide range of projects in China:

  • Across the entire dairy supply chain, from the local farming sector through local processing to imported ingredients
  • Over a range of other processed and primary food sectors
  • In retail, foodservice and industrial channels
  • With focuses varying across B2B and B2C marketing, trade policy, economics etc.

China's expanding market

Our experience in China goes back to the 1980s, when access was limited and travel was highly challenging. Since then the country has changed almost beyond recognition, not only in the headline key cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, but also in secondary areas such as Chengdu. In fact, completely new first-tier cities have emerged: Shenzhen is a key marketing location for many international businesses now.

Whilst we operated a representative office in Beijing in the 1990s, we found it failed to provide the required flexibility in both personnel and location. Accordingly, we work locally through a variety of specialist partners – universities, companies, and individual consultants – spread throughout China.

Experience across all sectors

This allows us to be extremely flexible in matching the specific local and international skill sets needed for each assignment, as cost-effectively as possible. Many of our consultants and researchers bring lengthy in-country / in-sector experience, which is essential to providing meaningful and cost-effective advice.

We typically help customers already operating locally to fine-tune activity in the market, exporters looking to enter or build share in the market, and others considering investments locally. We advise on how to truly understand what is going on and why, who the key supply chain or manufacturing partners could be, what are the economics and what the optimal strategies are.

Whether you need a detailed assessment, ongoing advice or a fast-turnaround evaluation, our projects in China depend entirely on your timeframe and requirements. We are happy to discuss any project without obligation – please contact us for more information.