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Case studies

Making Quantitative Research Meaningful

Recent projects have involved working for a leading European retailer in bidding for the contracts to operate new sites at major transport hubs as concessions from the site owners

Commodity Procurement for the Food Sector

We put this business at the centre of the global commodity markets - providing tools to shape their procurement strategy

International Agribusiness Programme Evaluation

A comprehensive understanding of the international agribusiness sector is paramount to success when evaluating businesses in this sector

Deciding to Invest? An Opportunity Assessment

It's important to have clearly defined objectives before making an investment. We thoroughly assessed the business opportunity in question

Create an Effective Business Plan for Food Manufacturer

Our expertise in the food industry puts us in the best position to provide a strategic review and formulate an effective business plan

Business Development Strategy

We conducted a thorough and successful strategic review of a whey processing company's business development options

Are Dairy Suppliers Meeting Customer Requirements?

A dairy industry customer perception study was required to assess how dairy suppliers were meeting international customer demands