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Produce and Food

Are you a manufacturer or cooperator who is growing to the next level? Interested in exporting a US agricultural or food product to another part of the world?

Or perhaps an overseas company or association wanting to promote your food products into the insatiable US market?  

We offer extensive export development and trade experience in produce and consumer packaged goods:

  • Working with US agricultural commodity groups, based on our deep understanding of FAS funding sources
  • Project management experience in North America and 21+ countries in Asia and Latin America, including managing overseas offices, advertising and public relations campaigns, trade show coordination and trade missions to and from target markets 
  • Touring manufacturing and packing facilities gleaning first-hand knowledge of best practices in food production and processing 
  • Sourcing North American products for Asian markets to best fit local palates
  • Promoting produce in the US market through marketing promotion programmes
  • Conducting strategic consultancy and market research in almost every country worldwide – evaluating issues globally and regionally down to specific key cities and channels (retail, foodservice, industrial)

As a result we have a global network ranging from consultants and researchers to cold chain and logistics, from culinary professionals who can create new menus with your products to importer/distributors who know how to build your sales.  

Whether you’re focused on fresh horticultural products, intermediate commodities or processed foods / beverages, contact us to see how we can advance your business.